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275 Reasons to become a LegalShield member

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1031 Exchange

Accidents with the Uninsured

Accomplice Liability

Adding your spouse to the property deed

Adjusted Rate Mortgages

Adopting a Step Child

Adult Guardianship

After a car accident

Alternative Dispute Resolution                                                                        

Amending a Will using a Codicil

American Disabilities Act

Applying for Copyright

Are Gifts between Spouses Taxable?

Are Taxes owed when receiving a gift

Arrested? Know your rights?

Assisted Living Facilities

Automatic Emancipation of a Minor

Avoiding on-line Employment Scams

Bad Check Laws

Bait and Switch scams

Breaking a lease

Calculating child support

Can children be liable for Cause Injuries?

Can Foreclosure be prevented?

Can I get out of Jury Duty?

Can the Landlord Raise my Rent?

Can your Landlord quiet the neighbors?

Cell phone driving laws

Challenging a Will

Changing Title to real property

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Child Endangerment

Class Action Lawsuit

Commercial speech advertising

Common Law Marriage

Common Tax Filing Mistakes

Community Property

Compensatory Damages

Concealed Weapons?

Consequences of a Felony

Conspiracy to Commit Crime

Copyright infringement


CORBRA Health Insurance

Co-signer liability for a loan

Credit Card interest rate reduction scams

Criminal Background check

Dealing with a Bad Neighbor

Debt in Bankruptcy

Debt Negotiations

Debtors Rights

Defamation on Social Media Websites

Denial of Veterans Benefits

Disclosure to Buyer when selling a home

Dispute a merchandise charge

Disputing a Bill

Distracted driving

Dividing assets in a divorce

Domestic Violence

Driving in Bad Weather

Drug Testing at Work

Drunk Driving and Implied Consent


Duties by Trustees to Trust Beneficiaries

Dying with Credit Card Debt


Emotional Distress Damages

Employee Rights when Summoned

Enforcing child support

Establishing Paternity

Estate Taxes


Expunging Criminal Records

Extended Warranties

Fair Credit Billing Act

Fair Debt Collection

Family and Medical Leave Act

Federal tax liens

Fighting your home owner

Filing Bankruptcy stops Collections

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Forbidden Items on a Commercial Flight


Foster Care

Found Money?

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Speech

Fundamental Constitutional Rights

Garnishing a debtor

General Warranty Deed

Getting Married Overseas

Getting Real Estate Earnest Money back

Gift Laws

Grandparent rights

Guardianship of a Minor Child

Gun Background Checks

Health and Medical Rights

Home Improvement gone wrong

Home Office tax deduction

Home owner’s forms for Co-owners

How can I Expunge a Crime from my Record?

How is Bail Determined?

How to Break a Commercial Lease

How to Change a Will

How to Obtain a Death Certificate

How will Bankruptcy affect my Credit

Identity Theft

Illegal U-Turn

Implied Warranties

Implied Warranty of Merchantability

Incidental Damages

Injured by a Defective Product?

Insufficient Product Labels or Warnings

IRS audit

IRS Offers

Joint Tenancy

Landlord Duties

Landlord responsibilities

Layaway Plans

Lease Agreement vs. Sublease

Leaving the scene of an Accident

Lemon Laws

Liquidated Damages

Living Trust

Living Wills

Loan Acceleration Clause

Loan Modification Scams

Mandatory Settlement Conference

Medical Malpractice

Mentally Handicapped Liability for Injuries?

Minimum Wage

Miranda Rights

Missing mortgage payment

Modern Overdraft Protection

Mortgage Loan Modification

Motor Vehicle bill of sale

Negative Credit Report


Neighbor fence dispute

Non-custodial parents

Not Responding to a Creditor Lawsuit

Objecting a Probate matter

Old Debt Statutes of Limitations

Online Gambling

Optional Adjusted Rate Loans

Overcharged by a Repair

Parenting time credit

Passing without a Will

Patent Infringement


Patient’s Rights

Payday Loans

Penalties for Disobeying TSA Guidelines

Personal injury clams

Pitfalls when Hosting a Party

Planning your Estate

Ponzi Schemes

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

Private Property Rights

Probate Proceedings

Product Liability Laws

Promises Without a Contract

Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009

Protecting your ideas

Protection from Repossession

Punitive Damages

Purchasing a Home

Real Estate Quit Claim Deeds

Reasonable child visitation

Reduced Rights while on Probation

Relief available when you sue

Religious Discrimination at Work

Removing Harmful online Information

Renter’s Insurance

Renting out a Room


Requesting a Tax Extension

Resolving Tax Problems

Responding to an Unlawful Detainer

Right to Cancel a Contract

Room mate failed to pay rent?

Running a Red Light or Stop Sign

Section 8 Housing

Security Deposit refund

Self Defense

Self-Employed taxes

Selling Jointly Owned property

Separation of Church and State

Service Contracts and Extended Warranties

Settling a Case

Settling Debt for Less

Settling your Credit Card Debt

Should I Sublease an Apartment?

Specific Performance

Spouse’s responsibility in a bankruptcy

Stop Credit harassment

Subprime Mortgage Lending

Suing the IRS

Tax payer rights

Tax Relief in Disaster Situations

Tax Resolution Strategies

Tax Strategies

Taxation of a canceled debt

Temporary Restraining Order

Tenant Pest Control rights

Tenant Rights

The “Insanity” Defense

The Attorney-Client privilege

The basic elements of a Criminal Offense

The Diminished Capacity Defense to a Crime

The Funeral Rule

The right to bear arms

The Right to Remain Silent

The Role of a Safety Deposit Box

The Statutes of Limitations

Timeshare and Vacation plans

Tips for using Small Claims Court

Trade Secrets

Trademark infringement


Trust Accounting to Trust Beneficiaries

Unauthorized Transactions

Unclean Hands

Understanding a Credit Card Agreement

Unfair Denial of Claims by Insurance Company

Unlawful Police Misconduct

Updated TSA Security Procedures

Updating your Will

Using Trusts in Estate Planning


Voting rights


Warranties through Credit Cards

What are Intentional Injuries or Torts?

What are the Requirements for a Legal Will?

What Constitutes Creditor Harassment?

What is “Strict Products Liability”?

What is a Bankruptcy?

What is a Cease and Desist Letter?

What is a Deposition?

What is a Mortgage Loan Modification?

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

What is a Slip and Fall Accident?

What is Aging out of Foster Care:

What is an “Interested Party” to a Will?

What is an AB Trust?

What is an Affidavit?

What is Arbitration?

What is Double Jeopardy?

What is due process?

What is Emancipation?

What is Fair Use?

What is GAP Insurance

What is Intestacy?

What is Marriage Fraud?

What is Mediation

What is negligence?

What is Prior Art?

What is Public Domain?

What is Retaliatory Eviction?

What is Separate Property?

What is the Point System?

What to do when your Apt made you sick

When do police need a warrant?

When is the Death Penalty Used?

Which Crimes can be Expunged?

Words to avoid when renting property

Worker’s Compensation

Writing Fraudulent Reviews online

Writing your Last Will and Testament

Your right to carry

Zoning and Variance Restrictions

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