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***If you had a legal problem, what would you do?***

Contad Jon Dohm to learn more about Legal ShieldWe'll show you how you can have the real security that comes when you can finally PROTECT and DEFEND your property, your reputation and your rights!  Group Benefits Specialist - Small Business Certified.

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Proven, professional advice is just a phone call away on all matters, from the trivial to the traumatic.

Quality legal protection for you, your family and your business

We believe everyone deserves great legal protection, which is why we take the selection of our law firms very seriously.

Over the past 40 years, we’ve chosen some of the finest law firms throughout North America to serve our members. Your law firm has been carefully selected because of its service philosophy, size and ability to provide you with caring, responsive legal services when you need them most.

LegalShield protection, including Identity Theft Protection will be your trusted resource for peace of mind.  Contact your LegalShield Independent Associate - Jon Dohm, to learn more or click on the "LegalShield" link below. 

Jon Dohm, Legal Shielld Associate